Introduction - NETI
Opening up education for the future with training focused on fostering
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Global Education Program

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Capacity Building of Educational Administrators(CaBEA)
Participants :
Educational administrator in African and Asian countries
Training Institute :
NETI (National Education Training Institute)
  • To support the development of teacher education and training system in African and Asian countries
  • To establish a triangular cooperation with partner countries and contribute to raising teachers and skills for quality education
3-Year Program Overview
  • 1st year (2018)
    To share policies and institution on Korean Education, and collect basic information regarding governance and teacher education&training of participant countries
  • 2nd year (2019)
    To establish an exchange and cooperation network among educational training institutes mainly with partner countries and make activation plan on educational development cooperation
  • 3rd year (2020)
    To build a network among global education training institutes, and share and improve system, contents, knowledge and experience for in-service teacher training course
Training Priorities
  • To visualize training program through study visit and extracurricular activities
  • To make practical action plan in cooperation with related educational organization
  • To experience eco-healing training program
Course Module
Module I
Development of Education in Korea
  • Korean Education System and Major Institutions
  • Development of Korean Education and Major Issues
  • Life and Education in the Joseon Dynasty
  • Practice of Korean Primary Education
  • Korean Higher Education Policy and its Social Role
  • Silla's Cultural Heritage
  • Q & A
  • Information
  • Writing an Action Plan regarding Education Development Cooperation
  • Gyeongju National Museum
  • Gyeongju Yangdong Village
  • Yangdong Elementary School in Gyeongju
  • Yeungnam University
Module II
Education Policy
  • Korean Teacher Education System
  • Practice of Secondary Teacher Education
  • Teacher Education in International Development
  • Yeungnam University
  • College of Education, Pusan National University
Module III
Training Policy
  • Korean Teacher Training System
  • Practice of Teacher ICT training
  • Professional Development and Teacher Learning Community
  • International Development Cooperation in Education and Global Citizenship Education
  • Teacher Training in International Development Cooperation
  • National Education Training Institute, Ministry of Education
  • Institute of APEC Collaborative Education
  • Korea Education and Research Information Service
  • Bukyeong High school in Busan
  • Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding under the auspices of UNESCO
Module IV
Understanding of
Korea’s Advancement
and Culture
  • Korean Development and Cultural Experience
  • Cutural Experience (Seoul, Busan etc)